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"How Do You Do?"

Mrs Joyce Hoover's Quick 'n' Easy Guide to Britain and the British

By Martyn Ford & Peter Legon 

LGP Publication date 2009, ISBN 978-0-9522870-5-6 (0-9522870-5-6)

Joyce Hoover is Britain’s leading landlady or ‘hostmother’ with over 40 years’ experience of cost-conscious catering for overseas visitors. She has strong views on the subject of British identity, British culture and the importance of learning ‘proper English’. In her brand new guide to the number one nation in the world, Mrs. Hoover provides the confused visitor (as well as the baffled Brit) with a plain, no-nonsense account of the essentials of British life, such as how to hold your tea cup, what to say to the Queen and where to buy a bra for only £1. 

"Wisdom, wit, and honest prejudice pour unstintingly from the teapot of her mind."
 England Ahoy

"Mrs Hoover ... as British as the jelly in a pork pie, and just as good for you."
 Doily News

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