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Hostmother, performer, author and icon of Englishness – Mrs Joyce Hoover extends the hand of international friendship.






































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For lovers of all things British (and for those who are not quite sure yet) a right royal evening of fun and laughter, balloons and bunting, songs and surprises, pronouns and prepositions. Oh, and free tea and biscuits. If you’re quick.
"My life will never be the same after this enlightening talk given by Mrs Hoover. 
It was amusing to the point of having tears coming to my eyes – she is magical, hilarious and absolutely unmissable!"
Elisabete Thess (IATEFL delegate)


"A comic revelation of host family life...had the tears rolling down my cheeks."
Judith Hands, TIS


"Hilarious – a must see!"
                                                Ken Wilson (author)
Mrs Hoover writes:
Dear lodgers (past, present & future),
if you can’t come on Thursday 7th June (though I’d like to know what you are doing that is a higher priority than meeting me!) then make a note of these diamond dates for your 2012 diary.
5th July
24th July

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Saturday, Jan 22 2011 06:01 | Shows

"Mrs Hoover will be back in June 2011 for a new season of summer shows at the English Language Centre, Hove, Sussex."



Stop Press:
"Mrs Hoover will be giving a keynote address at the 45th IATEFL Conference."

15th - 19th April 2011 Brighton Centre




Brighton on Monday 18th April 2011

Come and meet Brighton’s Leading Landlady for overseas students, delegate to the hostmothers of Great Britain and the woman who put the ‘hospital’ in ‘hospitality’.

Though not a trained teacher herself, Mrs Hoover has some robust opinions on how to teach English (“I’m a native speaker, it just comes naturally to me.”) And after four decades of catering for EL learners from all over the world, she knows a thing or two about cross-cultural understanding: “We’ve got the culture and it makes me cross when they don’t understand it!”
Hold onto your hats for an end-of-the-pier ride through the eccentric world of Mrs Hoover — Hostess to the World.

Fun, laughter, free biscuits and some (very) irregular verbs!


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